Za Za Zing is a story of seclusion. And it is a word with high vibration, derived from English AMAZING. The sum of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies emitting electromagnetic vibrations makes up our frequency. The natural vibrational level of the human body drops when it is too concerned with worldly affairs.
As the frequency, that is, the level of vibration, increases, the extraordinary powers of people also increase. As we increase, so does our creativity, artistic development, healing and healing power, and our ability to make a positive contribution to everything that happens around us.
Just when I was doing such a study about myself, I went into seclusion in a region with a very high frequency in order to give an artistic direction to my professional career. My stool designs emerged as a result of this study. Its name is integrated with these designs.
Za Za Zing has created and continues to create a collection with stools that are dazzling, with high light and vibration, cheerful, comfortable, ostentatious, bringing people together by creating happy environments and spreading this around.