To find its way into real life from the designer’s initial sketches, a furniture needs several atelier to implement the several steps. Every piece of furnitures from ZA ZA ZING are designed by Ceren Mocachen. Some visions remain a dazzling dream in the creative corners of the designer’s mind for couple of months or years before reaching their audiences.

The designer take the pride in taking the time necessary to perfect a piece of furniture. Turning a creative idea into a intricate piece of craftsmanship can be a time consuming process. All collections and pieces are crafted by a team work of specialists on their own field. Latest touch is realized by a handmade work of Macrame. Together these experts ensure the standards of impeccable artistry.



Furniture Design Steps;

Wood : ( Atelier no:1 )

Treated Hornbeam Tree, although eligible for resisting in outdoor usage, we don’t recommend to leave them outside in winter conditions.

 Paint on wood : ( Atelier no:2 )

Water-based colors resisting for outdoor facilities.

Upholster : ( Atelier no:3 )

Designer outdoor high quality fabrics, please check product details.

Ropes for Handmade Macrame Knots : ( Atelier no:4 )

%100 coton



All furnitures are crafted from %100 wood from hornbeam. This treated wood is used for indoor and outdoor usage. The wood is delicately polished and brushed before passing to the painting atelier. All paintings are water-based and resisting for outside conditions.

The fabrics used in the collections are designer outdoor fabrics such as La Maison de Pierre Frey from France.